Audio Restoration

Do you have a recital tape, school ensemble LP or recording of a treasured family event?

What about an old LP, 45, 78 or cassette that has never been reissued on CD? Would you like to listen to these favorites again in audio quality better than the originals?

Sotone Recordings can restore and transfer your LPs, 45s 78s, Cassettes and Tapes to CD.

There are several good reasons to transfer your records and Tapes to CD. Your recital or performance recording can be improved and put on CD for your listening pleasure and archival storage. You might want to enjoy a favorite record that has not been reissued.

Many great recordings have never been released on CD, making it difficult or impossible to find replacements for damaged originals. If you own a commercially issued LP, 45, 78, Reel to Reel Tape or Cassette, it is legal for us to make one CD copy for your personal use only.

Records and tapes can become damaged and wear over time. Most people now don’t own a good turntable / arm / cartridge and modern consumer audio receivers, amplifiers and preamps usually don’t have the necessary phono cartridge preamplification built in. And, of course, there’s the convenience of being able to listen to your favorite recordings in your car or on a portable CD player.

Sotone Recordings will restore your treasured originals using powerful professional audio restoration tools that remove the most unwanted noise possible without sacrificing any music. Your LPs, 45s and 78s will sound much cleaner after we eliminate annoying clicks, crackle, pops and hiss. Your original Reel Tapes and Cassettes will sound better by drastically reducing tape hiss leaving you with a much cleaner sounding recording.